Meet our Remodeling Team

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Brian Peterson

Owner / Business Manager

Brian Peterson, son of Lake Country Remodeling's retired founder Ben Peterson, has worked at least part-time with his dad on jobs since the age of ten or eleven. Brian's handles business operations within the company “doing pretty much anything that has to do with numbers, all the financial management and payroll, billing and some sales bidding. Once in a while I do a little bit of sales, but I try to help out in all the positions.”

The Lake Country Remodeling team is special to Brian because of the relationships they build with the clients and their ability to accomplish any project a client may need. In the next five years Brian is excited to see the Lake Country Remodeling showroom finished and their great team grow.

Tim Buus

Owner / Project Manager

Tim Buus came to work for Lake Country Remodeling as a project manager two and half years ago after a career as an expediter for several national residential builders. As the project manager and now part owner, he is primarily responsible for scheduling and organizing labor on the sites, purchasing materials for projects, and working with contractors and labor partners.

To Tim, Lake Country Remodeling's best assets are the smaller team environment, their aspirations to work at a high standard of workmanship, and their desire to represent their personal virtues and beliefs in their work and business practices. In the coming years Tim would like to see continued progress in defining and refining structures that are working within the company.

Ben Peterson

Retired Owner / Founder

Ben started Lake Country Remodeling in 2000, but has been in the industry for over thirty years and is familiar with every aspect of it. Always having enjoyed working with his hands, Ben’s first remodeling job was for his highschool shop teacher, and since then Ben has cultivated a deep appreciation for completed projects and high-end results.